Special nights and events

About once a month we organise special evenings with special dishes

Billingsgate Fish Night,selections fish
The day we do the fish market, we have fresh fish and seafood in abundance such as Lobster, Dover Sole, Monkfish, Seabass, Seabream, King Scallops, Cod, Haddock, Calamari, Haddock, Mussels, Vongole, Crab all prepared in a variety of interesting ways.

Suckling Pig Night
As we come from the island of Sardinia, Suckling Pig is our foremost regional speciality.

Lobster and Crab Night
Usually combined with our Billingsgate Fish night, this is the night when we guarantee our Homemade Lobster or Cream of Crab Soup, fresh Scottish Lobster Thermidor, Dressed Crab and Linguine with Fresh Crab.

Sardinia Night
This is the evening when we celebrate our home region, providing you with traditional Sardinian dishes such as “Culurgiones” which are Sardinian Ravioli that are handmade at the restaurant and filled with ricotta cheese lemon zest and sugar, yes sugar, in a tomato sauce with pecorino cheese. We also encourage you to try suckling pig over a glass of Cannonau or Tanca Farra’, the famous Sardinian reds And finish off with “brugnolusu” (ricotta type fritters) and the Sardinian liquer “Mirto” .

If you would like us to contact you when we hold one of our special theme nights, contact us on info@deamicis.co.uk

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